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Presentations, Articles, Conferences and More

This is a collection of conferences, articles and media where I have either been mentioned, written about or participated in. This will continue to stay up to date to the best of my knowledge.


September 24, 2022: Pacific Hackers: Password Cracking August 11-14: DEFCON 30: Securing Web Apps August 11-14: DEFCON 30: Securing Smart Contracts June 9: RSAC @ Dark Arts Village: Alpacattack June 8: RSAC @ Dark Arts Village: Network Analysis with Wireshark June 7: RSAC SBX3-TIL4: Offensive Capture the Flag 101 March 26: Pacific Hackers: Network Analysis with Wireshark January 6-7: ​WASTC ICT Educator's Conference - The Bay Cyber League: A NSF ATE Project & the CTF


December 9, 2021: HTCIA SV: Bay Area Cyber Competitions December 4: HackMiami: CryptoCTF November 13: Pacific Hackers: Discord Security September 12: projectstEMPOWER: You Just Got Hacked August 7: DEFCON 29: Network Analysis with Wireshark July 31-Aug 3: BlackHat USA: Full-Stack Incident Response June 21-25: WASTC Faculty Development Week: Cyber Buffet June 21-25: WASTC Faculty Development Week: Cyber Buffet June 19: Pacific Hackers: Behind the Scenes with BayCyber June 11-13: CircleCityCon: Violent Python3, Wireshark CTF, Windows Internals April 10: SkillsUSA CA: CyberTalk March 20: HackMiami: Network Analysis with Wireshark Video for HackMiami March 20 March 13: Pacific Hackers: Introduction to OWASP Top 10 Video for Pacific Hackers March 13 February 5 (with Sam Bowne): CactusCon: Violent Python 3 January 8: WASTC Winter Conference: Living off the Cloud: Cyber Competitions


October 31: Grayhat 2020 (with Sam Bowne): Exploit Development October 30: Grayhat 2020 (with Sam Bowne): Threat Hunting with Splunk October 30: Grayhat 2020 (with Sam Bowne): Practical Malware Analysis October 29: Grayhat 2020 (with Sam Bowne): Violent Python 3 October 28: Grayhat 2020 (with Sam Bowne): Incident Response and the Att&CK Matrix August 9: Defcon 2020, Blue Team Village: Incident Response and the Att&CK Matrix August 7: Defcon 2020, Packet Hacking Village: Violent Python 3 August 1-4 (with Sam Bowne): Black Hat 2020: Attack Techniques For Beginners July 25-30 (with Sam Bowne): HOPE 2020: Incident Response and the ATT&CK Matrix, Securing Web Apps, Introduction to Attack Techniques, COBOL CTF, Go the wrong way July 15 (with Sam Bowne): GRIMMCON: Violent Python 3 CTF June 28 (with Sam Bowne): Cyber June'Gle Virtual Training Summit: Incident Response and the ATT&CK Matrix June 27 (with Sam Bowne): Cyber June'Gle Virtual Training Summit: Introduction to Attack Techniques May 1 (with Sam Bowne): DERPCON COBOL CTF January 6-7: WASTC ICT Educator's Conference - Hands-On Cyber Competitions June 8-12: WASTC Faculty Development Week


January 3-4: ​WASTC ICT Educator's Conference - SkillsUSA and BayCyber.net March 3: Today’s ICT Tech Pathways – AWS Cloud Computing and Defense May 17: CCC NETLAB+ User Group June 10-14: WASTC Faculty Development Week August 9-10: SkillsUSA CA Planning Meeting for Cybersecurity Competition September 11-15: Santa Cruz County Fair September 12: Cisco Partner Meeting "Getting Started with CyberPatriots" September 13: CCC NETLAB+ User Group: Cyber Competitions


January 4-5: WASTC ICT Educator's Conference - Cyber Competitions for Middle School through Community College January 17: Oakland Chamber of Commerce June 11-15 :https://zoom.us/w/958846159?tk=YIEb3GgKm79o_flJIp-CqvBFq-adGZ4QyOfv7dhYYrE.DQEAAAAAOSbUzxZzTy1MQUljN1RSdV9RUTdTSEVWc3ZnAA WASTC Faculty Development Week - AFA CyberCamp Training September 12-16 Santa Cruz County Fair October 11: HTCIA Meeting - BayCyber.Net program November 3: CBEA Conference BayCyber.Net program November 8: HTCIA Presentation on BayCyber.Net November 9-11: SkillsUSA CA Cybersecurity Competition


January: WASTC ICT Educator's Conference - CyberPatriot Outreach Program April 26 CyberPatriot - Engaging Middle, High School and Community College Students June: WASTC FDW - AFA CyberCamp Training​ November: College of San Mateo Cyber Security Presentation December: Orange County Public Library "Cybersecurity - Learn What it Will Take to Keep us Safe"


June: WASTC Faculty Development Week - CyberPatriot Coach Training


April 17, 2015 Advisory Committee Meeting @ ATEP
Bay Area Cyber Student Tech Team Members Find Career Success Cyberlympics Unites Students Across the Bay Region Bay Area Replicates Cyber Camp Success Online North/Far North Region Finds ‘Magic Model’ for Summer Cyber Camps Summer Cybercamps Moving Online: What You Need to Know Cybersecurity 'Bug Bounty' Gives Real-World Experience to Tomorrow's Professionals January 21, 2020 Cabrillo CIS Students Host Region-wide Cybersecurity Competition October 24, 2019 How Cabrillo College Students are Becoming (and Growing) the Next Generation of Cyber Security Professionals October 17, 2019 WORKFORCE DEVELOPMENT: Cabrillo College Students Connect With Industry Professionals Over Cybersecurity Demos September 11, 2019 Santa Cruz County Fair combines new and old August 23, 2019 Summer Cyber Camps Continue to Grow Across California May 21, 2019 Cabrillo Offers a Free Summer Camp for Students to Spark Early Interest in Technology February 27, 2019 BARC2019 February 14, 2019 Paying it Forward: Cabrillo College Team Helps Middle School, High School, and Community College Students Learn the Ropes of Cybersecurity at Regional Competition September 30, 2018 Cyber attacks on the rise at colleges August 23, 2018 Bay Area Cyber Camps Wrap Up Another Successful Summer July 2018 BACCC AFA Center of Excellence April 30, 2018 Irvin Lemus: A Young Leader In Cybersecurity Education April 2017 IEEE Cybersecurity SIG The Datagram Newsletter August 4, 2016 AFA's CyberPatriot Names SoCalCCCC as CyberPatriot Center of Excellence September 8, 2016 SoCalCCCC Video August 2016 SoCalCCCC AFA Center of Excellence February 9, 2016 Local students compete at CyberPatriot event