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Listening for Nearby Cars

June 19, 2023

I read an article last year and like many articles, I thought it would be great to replicate one day, adding it to my list of projects to do when I have free time. After my large project recreating my company's product was successful, this was the time to do something quick, different and fun.


Apt Mirror for HomeLabs

July 12, 2022

Having a local mirror in your homelab speeds up the update process when installing new OS's or generally updating. Most cloud providers have their own mirrors to speed up the process as well. Here is how you can make one for your lab.


Using NoVNC to phone home

January 6, 2022

I like to have easy access to my home infrastructure from anywhere. Apache Guacamole was my goto since it was deployed to BayCyber. While it did the job of providing access to a GUI in the browser, it's been troublesome with constant connection issues. As always, we looked for a new answer and found it in noVNC.

HTTP Packets Detected


March 03, 2021

At a conference, Laura Chappel talked about a wall she had with lights that turn on when certain packets pass her network. I recalled it and said, why not make it and write about it?


RainbowTables Project

December 28, 2020

My final project of the year, I decided to tackle a goal of building a RainbowTable system and added a WebApp front end for use when I'm in the field. Here is how you can build one like it.


Running VMware on the Raspberry Pi 4

October 31, 2020

Did you know you can run VMware from the Raspberry Pi now? This will be great for students to be able to run their own datacenter at home for a lot less than buying servers!

Spanish Sec+

Spanish Cybersecurity Classes

August 26, 2020

Are you interested in taking cybersecurity classes in Spanish? If so, we need your input!


Summer Camp 2020

July 31, 2020

The gamble that paid off; what seemed impossible for a group of teachers and community college students to do was achieved this summer. Now that it is in the last weeks, I can talk about the camps we successfully executed.

Plex Logo

Plex Server Install

December 31, 2019

With the rise of multiple streaming services with varied content, there seems to be a push back to having your own personal collection of movies and shows. A person could go down the road of buying a small form factor motherboard, CPU, Hard Drives and install Linux, deal with local network issues to get the content available outside the house; not including upkeep on the physical as well as the software. Plex has a online server you can install and use to stream your own personal content online, ad free. A notice: THIS GUIDE DOES NOT CONDONE ILLEGAL USE! Please remember the legality and ethics of piracy, do what you will with this information, but I am not responsible.

OWASP logo

OWASP Meetups in 2019

November 15, 2019

OWASP Bay Area has been a great place to learn and talk with industry and see what people are doing. Here is a short summary of things that stuck with me or I learned and wanted to share with you, now that this has come to a close and will resume next year.

Pacific Hackers 2019

Pacific Hackers Conference: What I Learned

November 10, 2019

Pacific Hackers had their conference this weekend at the Hacker Dojo in Santa Clara. Here is a quick recap of things I learned that I found beneficial to share.


Cybersecurity Disclosure Act of 2019

October 31, 2019

The Senate and the House are both working on a new law aimed to get knowledgeable security experts on the boards of companies. What could go wrong? What could go right?

Leaving Wix

Why I Left Wix

September 1, 2019

Moving from one platform to another can be a tricky situation. Akin to movements from Windows 7 to 10, migrating a server or switching vendors, there's always a learning curve and the possibility of things going wrong. This switch involved leaving Wix, a website hosting service to using GitHub pages.

Ubuntu Hibernation

Ubuntu 19 - Enable Hibernation

August 24, 2019

After spending the summer playing with differnet OS's, I found that Debian had hibernation ready capability. Unfortunately, I ran into some other issues with it and my laptop and decided to go back to Ubuntu. Ubuntu 19.04's install process does not create a large enough swap partition to allow the system to hibernate, which Debian did.


OWASP Cornucopia

August 7, 2019

Since the CyberCamps ended last week, I have had time to begin preparing for the Fall semester at Cabrillo College. In that time, I have also been gathering new resources and realigning the baycyber.net website for the academic year's vision and goals. In that time, I came across OWASP Cornucopia, a card game that piqued my interest. After getting the college to pay for the printing of the cards, I learned how to play.

Kali on GCP

Kali Linux on GCP

July 24, 2019

The Bay Area Competitions Program is currently running as a hybrid cloud between NDG's Netlab+ and Google Cloud. In my research, installing Kali Linux to other cloud platforms (Azure has Kali ready to deploy; I have seen scripts to deploy on AWS) is relatively easy. This guide will show how to get Kali Linux running on a GCP image.

Have I Been Pwned

Using HaveIBeenPwned Password List for Education

June 22, 2019

HaveIBeenPwned by Troy Hunt has been a great asset since its inception for many. With the possibility of the service being sold, now is the time to get a copy of the hashes before its too late!